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Our Idaho vacation rentals include vacation cabins in McCall Idaho as well as rental bungalows and an Inn in McCall.

For vacationers, Idaho vacation rentals are available throughout spring, summer autumn / fall and winter as McCall is ideal for a host of different types of holiday - from 'chilling-out' in a rustic mountain cabin through to active sports such as river rafting, skiing and horseback riding.

Being nestled in the mountains of Valley County, in summer you can retreat to a rustic country existence, admiring the beauty, peace, tranquillity and scenery the mountains have to offer. If golf or fishing are your pastimes then enjoy a round or two in the fabulous McCall golf course or sport your rod and reel in the mountain lakes and rivers. Likewise, if you like horseback riding then you can enjoy this in McCall too. For walkers, ramblers and hikers, the mountain passes and trails will provide some breathtaking scenery and hours of enjoyment.

For those that prefer to be on the water then you can enjoy some river rafting, sailing, water skiing or jet skiing.

In winter, the snow in McCall provides vacationers with the opportunity to Nordic ski or to get out that snowmobile and race through the mountain passes and trails. Idaho vacation rentals in McCall provide it all.



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Brundage Inn, Brundage Bungalows
and Brundage Vacation Cabins

West Lake Street, McCall
Bedrooms: 5
Sleeps: 12
Available: All year
Price range: $45 – $395 per night