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... Heart of Dixie...the Yellowhammer State. On the Gulf shores Alabama we have some delightful Alabama vacation rentals advertised to enable you to enjoy the wonderful white sandy beaches on the Gulf of Mexico. 

In the Gulf shores Alabama area, and indeed in the southern half of the state, temperatures rarely fall below freezing – many children in the State never having seen a snowfall! Notwithstanding this fact, and contrary to popular belief, Alabama is not an uncomfortable, hot, tropical state. The climate also various widely from the highlands in the north to the beaches in the south in the Gulf of Mexico.

Alabama has a long history as a farming community. The American Indians were its first farmers.  At the time of Christopher Columbus, Alabama was inhabited by four main groups of American Indians.  These were the:

- Cherokees
- Creeks
- Choctaws
- Chickasaws.

The Indians, although there were obviously some skirmishes, in the main they lived in peace, hunting, fishing, and growing vegetables on small plots of land. However, following the invasion of the 'white settlers', fields of fluffy cotton appeared across the state!  Following devastation to the cotton crop caused by the boll weevil, farmers realised that it was unwise to depend solely upon one crop for their livelihoods. In 1919 in Enterprise Alabama, a monument to the boll weevil was erected to remind farmers of the part it played in teaching them not to rely solely on a single crop. It is probably the only monument to an insect pest ever erected!  Having been taught a devastating lesson, farmers switched to other crops and today Alabama now has a rich agricultural diversity.

Alabama is also rich in natural resources and some would say that it has more than any other area of its size in the world. These resources include minerals, soils, forests and water.

There are many places of interest (outside of the mountains, streams, forests and sandy beaches – in themselves places of natural beauty) such as:

- Fort Gains on Dauphin Island, Fort Morgan, west of Gulf shore both played a major role in protecting  Confederate shipping in Mobile Bay during the Civil War.

- Horseshoe Bend National Military Park – the site of the last battle of the Creek Indian War of 1813-14)

- Mound State Monument – a state park and museum in Moundville preserves prehistoric temple mounds.

- Russell Cave National Monument in Bridgeport preserves records of almost continuous human habitation from around 6000 BC to 1650 AD.

- Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Mobile

- Jefferson Davis' Home in Montgomery – famous for being the 'First White House of the Confederacy'.

- Alabama  Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville – the world's largest space museum.

- Ave Maria Grotto in St Bernard that displays more than 125 miniature replicas of the world's religious buildings.  

- Ivy Green in Tuscumbia is the birthplace and childhood home of the famous Helen Keller who, following an illness, was left blind and deaf before the age of 2. Despite this handicap she gained an education, learned to speak and spent her life lecturing and writing to raise money for the training of other handicapped people.

To see a little piece of American history, Alabama vacation rentals will provide you with a cost-effective way to do this. If beach life meets with your vacation lifestyle more, then try our properties located on the Gulf shores Alabama.


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