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... Grand Canyon State. Our Arizona vacation rentals are centred around the picturesque town of Sedona, Arizona's White Mountains, Rainbow Lake and Sunrise Park Ski Resort. Sedona is located at the mouth of the renowned Oak Creek Canyon and is in the centre of the state's legendary Red Rock Country. With its breath-taking panoramas, four mild seasons and its clean, fresh air, booking Arizona vacation rentals are extremely popular.

In area, Arizona is one of the largest and also one of the newest states. Despite this, it has one of the longest histories. Weapons, tools and ruins left behind by ancient Indians show that they inhabited the area long before the time of Christopher Columbus.

The State's more modern history is also long and extremely colourful. It can boast a quite eventful past! It began with the Spaniards, the first Europeans in Arizona - their names, language and customs being etched upon the land. After the Spanish came the rugged American pioneers (traders, trappers, scouts, prospectors, miners and cattle ranchers).  With them they brought the outlaws and sheriffs of the frontier days. Many reminders of the old wild west days still remain.

Between the years of 1970 and 1980, Arizona's population grew by more than 50% as people and industries moved south from the colder, northern parts of the nation - this rate of increase only being surpassed by a neighbouring state - Nevada.  Both these states are part of the 'Sun Belt' a name give to the southern half of the United States.

Arizona's population contains over 200,000 American Indians many of whom to this day still live on reservations - many of whom are descended from the original tribes of Arizona, such as the Navajo, Apache, the Hopi, The Tohono O'odham (formerly the Papago) and the Pima. 

Places of interest are many and centre around the old west and native American Indian tribes – Canyon de Chelly National Monument (contains prehistoric Indian ruins), Chiracahua National Monument, Fort Bowie National Historic Site (preserves the site of military operations against the Apache chief 'Geronimo'), Montezuma Castle and Navajo National Monuments (two well preserved and most interesting cliff dwellings) and Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (see cacti and other desert plants that are found nowhere else in the USA).

Nature has given Arizona some of the finest and most spectacular scenery as well as providing a climate unsurpassed for healthy living. One of the most spectacular sights of course, and from which the State gains its nickname, is the Grand Canyon.

Then there's the Colorado Plateau. A great tableland covering nearly 40 percent of the state's total area. The Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest are among the many wonders of this Plateau.

The Arizona vacation rentals offered provide vacationers with the opportunity to take in the spectacular scenery this state offers, as well as dipping in to a little bit of the 'old west'. For the avid historians the pre-Columbus remnants are a joy to behold. So whether you wish to enjoy the spectacular, the historical or indeed skiing in winter or mountain life in the summer, the Arizona vacation rentals on offer will provide them all.    


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