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... the Golden State. As well as San Diego vacation rentals, South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals, we have by Mammoth mountains, Mammoth Lakes vacation rentals. Other rental accommodation include, Cayucos vacation rentals, Huntington beach homes, Oceanside vacation rentals as well as properties in Mendocino County, Healdsburg and Dana Point. If you are looking to visit  Redwood National Park how about a home by the gateway to the Park?

As well as San Diego vacation rentals our other California beach rentals include:

 - Oceanside vacation rentals

 - Huntington beach homes

 - Oceanside vacation rentals

 - Cayucos vacation rentals

 - Dana Point rental homes.

We also have mountain and lakeside homes too. Whatever your preference we're sure you'll find a suitable property.

But what about California's history? Probably the best known piece of history is that around the early 1840s. If you went to California during this time you would have been going to Mexico as it was once a sleepy Mexican territory!  However, it declared itself independent in 1846 and joined the Unites States in 1848. And in 1849.....the famous 'gold rush'. Today, the second most spoken language in California is Spanish - some remnants from its days as a Mexican colony but more so because of the immigration of Mexicans and Latin Americans into the state in more recent times. 

California's weather is quite interesting too! In high summer a high pressure centre known as 'Pacific High' – a great mass of calm air – hangs over California keeping away storms and rain, save a few thunderstorms in the dessert and the mountains. In winter these 'Highs' move south making way for storms to pass over. These storms are strongest in northern California where most rainfall occurs from October through April. In the south of the state the rain mainly falls between November and March. Winter temperatures in California are mild.

For places of interest, California has a large share of the country's wonders and many recreational areas. The other Disney (Disneyland) is of course located in the state and of course there's Sea World at San Diego's Mission Bay. Outwith Disney, there are many national forests – these cover about one-fifth of the state. Probably the most famous, and the largest, is Yosemite National Park with its spectacular waterfalls, gorges and groves of giant sequoias, which is in the Sierra Nevada. Then there is Redwood National Park found along the northwest coast which contains dense forests and long beaches.

California is also the home of the 'infamous' Death Valley that covers a vast and colourful area of the Mojave Desert. Other places of interest include Knott's Berry Farm which was once a fruit farm but is now the state's oldest and second largest amusement park (after Disneyland!). Docteurs offrez vardenafil 20mg pour les hommes

For those that like art visit Laguna Beach (south of Santa Ana in Orange County) as it is a noted artists' colony.

We cannot talk about California without mentioning 'silent movies' and 'the talkies' - the most famous of cinematography homes - Hollywood. 

Finally, we couldn't finish writing about California without mentioning the Napa Valley – one of the most famous wineries which is open to the public for tours.

So whether you are looking for San Diego vacation rentals, South Lake Tahoe vacation rentals or a mountain setting location, our California pages give you the choice. 


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