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... the Aloha State and often called the 'Paradise of the Pacific'.  For those looking for paradise island holidays then Hawaii vacations may well fit the bill.  For your Hawaii vacation we have Hawaii vacation rental homes, Oahu vacation rentals and also Maui vacation rentals. These rentals not only include villas but apartments and condos too!

Made of up a few islands that stretch across the ocean for more than 1,500 miles, Hawaii itself is the largest of these islands and is referred to as the 'Big Island' as it is bigger than all the rest put together. Maui is the second largest and Oahu, the most populated, is where you will find the capital Honolulu. There are eight main or 'high' islands, the latter three forming part of this group. In addition there are a dozen or so 'low' or small islands. These are scattered islets, shoals and reefs and are uninhabited except for a few Government workers.

Although the State of Hawaii borders on the tropics, because it receives a north-easterly trade wind it keeps the land pleasantly 'air-conditioned' throughout most of the year.  However, just about every type of climate can be found somewhere on the island!  For example, Waialeale peak on the island of Kauai is called the wettest place on earth as it receives 460 inches of rainfall per year! Earthquakes and tidal waves are not uncommon events on the island of Hawaii. These are not an everyday occurrence so don't let this put you off visiting these truly beautiful islands!

On the main islands there are a number of places of interest. From national parks to about 100 state parks, forests and historic sites. One such park is Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that has, not one, but two, active volcanoes where you can watch volcanic eruptions. But probably the most famous of all sites is the historic site at Pearl Harbour - a huge natural anchorage west of Honolulu that Japan attacked by air on December 7th, 1941.


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