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... may it endure forever. Also known as the 'Gem State', Idaho is one of six states that make up the Rocky Mountain region.  Idaho vacation rentals are suitable all year round as the terrain and climate is suitable for both summer and winter pastimes. For example, in a mountain retreat called McCall, Idaho winter provides the climate for the Nordic skier, skier and snowmobiler. In summer it is ideal for the river rafter, sailor, horse-back rider and for water sports.

The warm air from the Pacific Ocean keeps the climate in Idaho fairly mild. For example, average temperatures in the capital Boise range between -1 degrees in winter to around 75 degrees in summer. The most humid parts of the state however are in the south or panhandle as it is known. Snow, as you would expect, can be found in the higher terrain during winter,  however the lowlands see very little.

Idaho is known for its startling beauty with its crystal blue lakes, rivers forests and jagged mountains. Because of the state's rugged landscape, Idaho is unspoiled, the least crowded and inhabited state in the US.

Outside the natural scenic beauty of Idaho, there are a number of places of interest - many are natural scenes of beauty and interest  rather than man-made or man-created.  For example, Hell's Canyon National Creation Area contains North America's deepest Gorge. And from 'Heaven's Gate Lookout' the spectacular view extends into four states. Sawtooth National Recreation Area is larger than the state of Rhode Island and contains hundreds  of spectacular lakes and peaks. About 28 per cent of this area is pure wilderness. Also of interest and beauty, with a drop of 212 feet, higher than Niagara Falls, is Shoshone Falls. In the state, there are also dozens of State Parks and other national monuments that include, Nez Perce National Historic Park, City of Rocks and Craters of the Moon National Monument.


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