How to write an advert for your property on the Web Villa Rentals web site

Your entry on our web site may be just an introduction to holiday rental seekers – they will need to contact you to find out more, to check availability and make a booking – but it is the best (perhaps the only) chance you have of attracting their attention. For that reason, please take some trouble over the copy (text) and the picture you submit. The following guidelines are drawn from our experience of what works on the site (and gets results) and what does not. We hope you find them helpful.

Name of property

If it doesn't have a name already, try to give your property a name that is descriptive, evocative, enticing, attractive. But not too long and complicated.

'Disney Mouse House' evokes the main reason people might like to stay there, 'Lakeside Haven' suggests peace and good views, 'Gary's Place' is at least personal.

'No. 42' is just a number and 'Luxury Executive Villa on Smart Gated Community Near Disney and With All Amenities' is too long and sounds more like an estate agent's (realtor's) description than a name.

Address of property

If you give us the full postal address, we can extract what we think is necessary to identify its whereabouts. If you merely enter 'Portugal' (and there are no clues in the rest of your copy) we are as lost as your prospective tenants would be!

Number of bedrooms/Sleeps

This is simple factual information. We use it in the brief entry for the property on the country/area page. Please make sure it is accurate and that you don't contradict it elsewhere in your copy.

… brief general description… (The Villa)

This is your opening shot! It should say, in no more than two or three sentences, what the property is and what makes it specially attractive to prospective guests. It may be the villa/apartment itself, or its location, or something it has to offer. Some people may not read any further – particularly if the photo is not very appealing or non-existent – so make it count!


Tell us where the property is and what that venue has to offer guests. Remember that not all holiday makers want the same things from a holiday so give them the whole range of what's there, from buzzing nightlife to undisturbed tranquillity and from sizzling sun to unsurpassed ski runs. Potential guests also like to know about local amenities, getting about (will they need a car?) and other factors that might affect their stay in the area.


This is your opportunity to tell readers what they can expect when they stay in the property. How much room will they have (although the exact number of square feet or metres doesn't mean much to most people)? How many rooms? How exactly will the number of sleepers you claim to accommodate take their rest? (If two of them will have a double bed in a master bedroom with en suite bathroom and the other 14 will sleep in bunks on the terrace, please say so!). Since most renters will expect to be self-catering, let them know what you have in the way of kitchen and dining facilities.

Don't go into too much detail. Save that for 'Facilities' below.

The presence of a swimming pool can be crucial to many (but not all) holiday choices. If you have one say so loudly and clearly. If it is for the exclusive use of the guests or if it is to be shared with others, most will like to know this before they get there. Is there a terrace, patio, balcony or garden for outdoor activities?


There are two possible kinds of information you might include here. The first comprises the details of what is included in the property: cable TV, video recorder, DVD player and discs, barbecue (BBQ, if you must), washer-dryer, waste-disposal unit, etc. The second category might include the facilities provided in the immediate locality: discounts on services, local recreational facilities, security, emergency assistance and that sort of thing. Just include the main attractions and not an inventory of everything the villa/area contains.


Prospective renters will want to know what 'the bottom line' is. Please don't try to make your rental seem better value than it is by hiding costs. If there are unavoidable additions, most people will prefer to have them included in the basic price. Optional extras are, of course, a different matter.

So that visitors to the site can make fair comparisons (and that is one of the objectives of Web Villa Rentals), please provide the following information.

If you have four price bands, fill in all four boxes. If you have only one, put your 'all seasons' price in the 'low season' box and leave the others blank. If you have just a low and high price, fill in the 'low season' and 'high season' boxes.

It would be very helpful if you would define the 'seasons' at least in terms of the months of the year (or holiday periods) so that readers don't have to guess.

Please specify the currency. We will usually assume pounds sterling (£/GBP) if you don't.

If you need to qualify the pricing, mention taxes, cleaning charges, pool heating, etc., please use the next section for Additional information.

Additional information

This is your last chance to include anything that you would like your potential guests/customers to know but haven't been able, or seen fit, to include under the earlier headings. Additional costs, deposits, special deals, smoking restrictions, pets (yours or theirs), arrival departure times, and so on, and so on.

Please note that during the initial (free advert) period, we will not be providing links to individual owners' web sites. You should therefore word your entry in such a way that is does not rely on visitors being able to 'see our web site for…'. If they like what you have shown them and told them so far, contacting you for more is only a click away.


Remember that Web Villa Rentals is offering you an opportunity to sell your holiday accommodation to all the visitors to our site. These are people with needs to satisfy and money to spend. Unfortunately, a number of the owners have failed to make the most of that opportunity. It is likely that they are also the ones who receive very few, if any, enquiries through the site. We hope that by following the guidelines above, you will be able to do better. Good luck.

If there is any other way we can help – and we do have a number of charged-for services we can offer you – please e-mail us and let us know.


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