Owners – How the site works

  • Owners of holiday accommodation to let provide Web Villa Rentals with details of:
    • themselves (solely so that Web Villa Rentals can communicate with them and forward enquiries about their properties to them) and
    • their properties, under the standard headings as shown on the pages on the site and provided on the registration form.
  • Owners are held responsible for the accuracy of the details provided. Web Villa Rentals are in no position to vouch for the accuracy of the information about individual properties shown on this site.
  • Visitors to the site may either:
    • Use it to identify properties that might meet their needs and complete the enquiry form, which Web Villa Rentals will forward directly to the owners of those properties.
    • Submit a request form stating their requirements, which Web Villa Rentals will forward to all owners whose properties might be able to satisfy those requirements.
  • Owners are responsible for handling the enquiries sent to them and any subsequent transactions (lettings, contracts, etc.). In the case of enquiries directed specifically at their properties, owners are asked, at the very least, to acknowledge the enquiry even though they may not be able to help in any other respect. On the other hand, owners are only expected to respond to general enquiries if they are able to meet the requirements of the enquirer.

Web Villa Rentals welcome feedback (both good and bad news) from all users of the site: if you are an owner and have successfully let your property through our web site, please let us know.


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