How to make a booking

If you are looking for holiday accommodation, the Web Villa Rentals web site offers you two different ways to find what you want:

  1. Explore the site, using the continental links on the home page or the links to individual properties on the index page. When you have found a property you think might meet your needs, click one of the 'contact the owner' links on the page for that property and then complete the enquiry form. Please try to make it as clear as possible what you are asking for in terms of availability and accommodation. Web Villa Rentals will forward your enquiry directly to the owners of that property. (If you do not receive any communication from the owners within a few days, please see 'Feedback' below.)

    Tip: If you are intending to send enquiries to more than one property owner, you can save time by selecting and copying the text you have typed into the 'Enquiry' box so that you can paste it into the other forms, if that is appropriate.

  2. Complete the request form under 'Help me find a villa' on the home page. Try to make your requirements as clear and specific as possible. Owners will find it difficult to respond to enquiries that do not give dates, numbers of people, and – where this matters to you – the sort of price you are hoping to pay. Web Villa Rentals forward enquiries of this kind to all owners whose properties might be able to satisfy the requirements stated in them.

    It is, of course, possible that none of the owners we contact will be able to offer you what you are looking for. If you do not receive a reply within a couple of days, it might be worth using the method described in 1 above to find a particular property yourself. Alternatively, you could try redefining your requirements – with different or more flexible dates, perhaps – and submitting another general enquiry. We will do our best to help you if we can, but sometimes our owners just can't provide what you want.

When you receive a reply from a property owner, all subsequent transactions between you – including bookings, contracts and payments – will be handled by the two of you. Web Villa Rentals will not be involved.


Web Villa Rentals welcome feedback (both good and bad news) from all users of the site: if you have successfully found holiday accommodation through our web site, please let us know. If you booked somewhere through the site but were disappointed with what you got, please also let us know. It is our intention to make Web Villa Rentals even more useful to our users by reflecting their comments on the web site.

If you have submitted an enquiry to the owner of a specific property through this site and not received an acknowledgement within a week, please click this link: No reply from owner.

Please note

The owners of the individual properties are solely responsible for the accuracy of the information given about those properties on this web site. Web Villa Rentals are in no position to vouch for the accuracy of such information and cannot accept responsibility for an misrepresentations that may arise. Any contact entered into between owners and renters is entirely a matter for the parties to that contract.